Saturday, 19 March 2011

creating graph using XGraph

Xgraph 2-D graph plotter

for use it in ns2 script.

proc finish {} {
        global f0 f1 f2
        #Close the output files
#Call xgraph to display the results
        exec xgraph -geometry 800x400 &
        exit 0

creating output file using XGRAPH in ns2.


if Xgraph is not opening

the issue is that xgraph is not installed.

if using ubuntu

go to applications > ubuntu software centre>

then search xgraph and install it.

it will now work .

Down-load XGRAPH
XGRAPH , you can download it by clicking below:

  • xgraph.tar.gz (for Sun Solaris 5.6 or greater) [130-Kb] (9-15-03)
  • xgraph.tar.gz (for PC's running Linux (eg. Redhat)) (9-15-03)
  • xgraph (for HP-UX (11.03)) [120-KB] (9-16-02)
  • xgraph (for HP-UX (10.20)) [120-KB] (11-11-00)
  • xgraph (for SGI-IRIX) [91-KB] (9-16-02)
  • (for MS-Windows) [1.3MB] (9-16-02)
  • xgraph (for Apple Mac OS-X) [97-KB] (4-4-02)
Unpack by:
          tar   xvf   xgraph.tar
          gunzip   xgraph.exe.gz

Make sure the file privilege mode is set to executable (chmod 755 xgraph.exe).
  • Example data file for graphing: testxy.dat.tar [1-KB]
          Unpack with:     tar   xvf   testxy.dat.tar
          Test with:       xgraph   testxy.